Restaurant Dragon - Cyril Lignac Restaurant Dragon - Cyril Lignac

A glossy black lacquered façade with a narrow discreet entrance, an almost private bar hidden behind purple drapes. A cosy snug venue and home to fully assumed Japanese creativity, where fiery cocktails and the wine of all horizon are served on a jade green onyx counter.

Restaurant Drago Restaurant Drago

Insiders need no reminding. The door with the dragon, located in the heart of the Paris Saint-Germain quarter and street of the same name, is home to an intimate bar designed by the architectural duo Studio KO.

A fiery sensory décor that flirts with the East and the West, organized around a long counter and decorated with subdued lighting that gives a glimpse of an aquarium of Japanese fish at the back.

Restaurant Dragon - Cyril Lignac

Open in the evening

From Tuesday to Saturday
From 7:00 pm
Without reservation

34 rue du Dragon, 75006 Paris